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air excavation


In addition to general tree work, we provide a few specialty services. If you need a service that's not listed, contact us and we'll let you know if we can provide that service.

Specialty Services: Services


Cabling or bracing a tree involves installing cables and bolts to give extra support to weakly-supported parts of a tee. This can help extend the life and beauty of a tree that would otherwise have to be removed or severely pruned.


Lightning protection grounds a tree so that if a lightning strike occurs near it, the charge is run through copper wire rather than through the tree. This is typically installed on unique specimens or trees of historical significance but can also be used to protect your home from lightning strikes too. 

Learn more on the Independent Protection Company website.

Distant Rainstorm


We provide consulting services, including tree assessments, management plans, and pre-construction tree protection plans.

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If you need a speaker for your garden club or other community group, we can help. We have experts available to speak on a wide variety of tree-related topics!

Specialty Services: Services
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